How to Get Your Toddler Ready for Their Photo Session

July 26th, 2017

One of the most precious ages to capture your child is their toddler years, around the age of one to three. Children at this age are usually not very self-conscious and behave naturally in front of the camera. If you’ve scheduled a photo shoot with your toddler at Stacey Dennin Photography, you might be wondering how you can get your toddler ready for their shoot. Take our tips before heading into the studio to make sure that you get the most out of your little one’s big day!

  • Prepare your child. If your child has never had a photoshoot done, they may not understand what is going on in the studio and get a little bit scared around so many new faces. Some toddlers may find the look of the camera to be a bit scary at first, so make sure your little one knows what to expect. Be honest with them; tell them “We’re going to get pictures taken today! There might be a funny looking camera there, but mommy and daddy will be right next to you!” Speaking to your child before your shoot can help ease anxiety as well as help the overall mood of the shoot.
  • Bring comfortable clothing. While you certainly don’t want to photograph your toddler in their dirty play clothing, purchasing a new outfit can result in your child feeling uncomfortable or fidgety through the session. It’s a good idea to “break in” new clothing and shoes you purchase for your shoot ahead of time.
  • Get excited. To your toddler, you are their whole world;they look to you for guidance, love, advice and information about how the world works. If you give off an energetic and excited vibe, your toddler will be able to pick up on this energy and get excited about their photos as well!

Just like when they were a newborn, your child is only little once. Take the time to book a photoshoot with Stacey Dennin Photography today, and capture memories that will last a lifetime.