Portrait Photography

With the selfie era at its peak and significant strides being made in the technological advancement of smartphones, you’d think that professional portrait photography taken is completely unnecessary. But nothing could be further from the truth! A professional photographer can capture the nuances of the precious moments in your life the way a smartphone never could.

For stunning and elaborate portrait photography in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, look no further than Stacey Dennin Photography. Portraits stand the test of time, so make sure to come down to our huge studio in downtown Ambler, PA, right off the main strip, and let us snap those everlasting memories.

We’ve been satisfying our clients since 2008 with breathtaking family portraits, baby photography, newborn photography, wedding photography and much more. We currently have customers all over the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Why Get Portrait Photography?

Professional Profile – Get an authentic shot that represents your personal brand and update that photo for LinkedIn, Facebook or other platforms.

Life Events – Celebrate and capture the significant event of a graduation, anniversary, birthday, pregnancy or wedding.

Decorations – Snapping a shot of a beautiful family portrait is perfect for framing up on your home’s wall or office space.

Where We Come In

We ensure that each time a brand new customer or family strolls into our studio, they receive a luxurious experience that they won’t soon forget. A natural and organic wardrobe is available to those who are interested, and we use a variety of different and elaborate poses. Natural lighting is also used to enhance the shot.

Types of Portraits

Candid – There are two types of candid shots: One where the subject is aware that they are being photographed and one where they aren’t. Candid shots capture your movements and expressions at their most natural.

Posed – A posed picture is similar to the aware candid shot, but the subject is told what to do by the photographer, whether it’s a change of body position or expression.

Formal – A formal portrait is planned out, dictating where the shot is going to take place and what the subject is going to wear.

– This is the most popular among parents. Children grow and their faces change. Getting a portrait done once a year is a great way to document the development of your child.

Couple – These shots showcase the relationship between two individuals, whether it’s the beautiful attraction between an engaged couple or chemistry between best friends or co-workers.

Group – This type of portrait photography demonstrates the special bond among members of a group, whether a family, members of the board or a sports team.

Sports – Separate from an action shot, a sports portrait illustrates a subject in their uniform and equipment. Capture your child’s Little League accomplishments or the entire company kickball team with a sports photography sessions.

Reach Out

To learn more about us or to book a photography session, whether it’s family photography, baby photography or newborn photography, feel free to give us a call at 267-347-0843. Make sure you get your picture taken by the best portrait photographer in Bucks County, Montgomery County and all surrounding areas.